School Project Ideas

Fantastic ideas from students and teachers all over the country. Click each link below to either view or download a resource.

The Titan’s Curse: Discussion Guide

This is designed for students who are doing an author report on Rick Riordan and need information

The Red Pyramid Teacher’s Guide and Event Guide

Click here to view the Kane Chronicles Teacher’s Guide and Event Kit.

The Placemat Art Project

Students of the John Cooper School created placemats based on the Percy Jackson books as part of their mythology unit.

Origami-Style Cabin Letters

Folded letters decorated like Camp Half-Blood cabins on the oustide. On the inside, they’re letters to the author. A simple, fun idea from O Henry Middle School.

Percy Jackson Word Problems

A great way to combine math and literature. By Bianca (third grade) and her mom!


A great way to make a scene come to life, from Woodstone Elementary.

Percy Posters

A beautiful but easy art project from Northern Hills Elementary. Students picked a scene or character from the Lightning Thief and illustrated it on poster board.

Camp Half-Blood Dining Hall

Students at Drauden Point MS in Illinois turned their library into the camp dining hall.

School Myths

At North Country School in Lake Placid, NY, students wrote original 1-2 page myths to explain things at their campus.

Character Letters

The students in Aldine ISD wrote letters from one character in the book to another.

A Readers Theater from Lightning Thief

This is an easy-to-use, five minute script to get your kids into the book by acting it out! Thanks to Mary Milligan, who prepared this for the Texas Library Association’s Bluebonnet Award list.

Percy Party Event Guide

Originally designed for the launch of Titan’s Curse, this event planner offers ideas and activities for throwing a Percy party in your classroom or library.

Olympian “Cribs”

A great idea from Janis Dismus Middle School of Englewood, New Jersey. Sixth graders created cool “cribs” for the campers at Camp Half-Blood to chill in.

Projects from Gatesville

Photos of various outstanding projects by Gatesville Intermediate students.

Create your own Demigod

An easy and fun creative writing idea for the classroom!

English-Social Studies Combined Unit

While studying Ancient Greece in social studies, the students did ‘create-a-character’ projects which they presented to their peers, taking their audience back to Ancient Greek times. At the same time, English classes extended the unit by reading The Lightning Thief.