Percy Jackson Word Problems

A great way to combine math and literature. By Bianca (third grade) and her mom!

1. A Riptide costs $ 4.75. An Aegis costs $5.35. How much would it cost to buy 4 Riptides and 3 Aegis?

2. Athena is playing a game with Bianca. Silver chips are worth 4 points and gold chips are worth 7 points. She has 4 gold chips and 7 silver chips. Who many points does Athena have?

3. Annabeth has $139.50. A Yankees cap costs $15.00. A camp necklace cost $12.00. Annabeth buys 2 Yankee caps and 6 camp necklaces. How much money does she have left?

4. Percy gives 3 of the half bloods 4 seaweed candies. Each package contains 13 pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy did Percy give away?

5. Arrows cost $6.50 each and a reed pipe cost $7.25 each. How much would 3 arrows and 4 reed pipes cost altogether?

6. Thalia found 69 golden drachmas. She gave Percy 17 and Annabeth 25. How many drachma does she have left?

7. Poseidon has 17 dimes and 3 quarters. How many pennies would that be?

8. Clarisse has 6 friends. Each one wants a new spear. A spear cost $27.65 each. Write and expression and show how much it will cost Clarisse to buy the spears.