Contact Information


Because of his writing schedule, Rick does not share his email address and is unable to respond to emails. His main priority is writing the best stories he can for his fans in the most timely fashion possible, which requires all his time. Thanks for understanding!

Regular Mail

You can send fan mail to Rick in care of his publisher:

Rick Riordan


77 West 66th St.

New York, NY 10023

PLEASE BE AWARE: Rick does his best to read all his fan mail, but due to the large volume of correspondence he receives, it’s impossible for him to respond personally. Please *do not* expect an answer. If you are writing for a school project that gives extra credit for receiving an author reply, Rick is not the best author to choose.

Also, please do not attempt to send books or other objects through the mail for autographs. Disney-Hyperion Publishing is not equipped to handle the volume of requests they receive, and cannot be responsible for the return of any items sent through the mail.

Social Media

To see what Rick is up to, check out his Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Be Aware: Any other Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts or other social media accounts claiming to be Rick or authorized by Rick are NOT. If you get an email, instant message or other communication from someone online claiming to be Rick, it is NOT him. Rick does not use any accounts except the ones above, and does not reply to emails or initiate communication with people online. 

News & FAQs

You can also find answers to many of your questions on the FAQ page, in An Interview with Rick or in the News section of this site.