Contact Information

The bad news if you are trying to contact me: I have intentionally closed off all direct means of communication. This is for my own mental well-being and that of my family, and because my main priority is writing the best stories I can in the most timely fashion possible, which requires all my attention. Alas, I am easily distracted, and I get many more requests for my time and attention than I can possibly manage.

I do not share my email or any other type of address. You can follow updates on my social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, but I no longer run these accounts myself, nor do I read or respond to anything on social media.

Unfortunately, due to the rise of remote working and new safety measures put in place to restrict high volumes of correspondence, my publishers and I are also not set up to accept physical fan mail.  Please do not attempt to send letters, books or other objects through the mail for autographs, as we can’t be responsible for the return of such items. If you are writing for a school project that gives extra credit for receiving an author reply, I’m not the best author to choose. Sorry!

Be Aware: Any other Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or other social media accounts claiming to be me or authorized by me are NOT. If you get an email, instant message or other communication from someone online claiming to be me, it is NOT me. I am not on social media. I do not authorize any accounts except for those above, and I do not reply to messages or initiate communication with people online. 

News & FAQs

Many times, people want my contact information to ask questions that are already answered on this website. You can find answers to such questions on the FAQ page.