Explore these book extras and activities for more series-related information. Click each link below to view activities.

Greatest Hits of Egyptian History

Information on some notable Egyptian persons and monuments.

Meet the Kane Family

Get to know Sadie, Carter and the rest of the Kane family.

Meet the Egyptian Gods

Who is Ra? What is Horus’s symbol? Find answers here.

Egyptian Games

Explore Egyptian games from all across the internet!

About Egyptian Magic

What are the ranks of Egyptian magicians? Did they use wands? Find useful information on Egyptian magic here.

Percy’s Progress Report

Find out where Percy scores highest at Camp Half-Blood.

Daily Activity Schedule

When is the bonfire with the Apollo Cabin? Find a full day’s camp schedule here.

Meet the Greek Gods

Information on twenty of the most prominent Greek gods.

Chiron’s Guide to Greek Mythology

Chiron’s guide to some of the more intimidating (and downright frightening) Greek monsters.

Explore Argo II

Take a tour of Argo II.

Map of Camp Half-Blood Cabins

Explore the Camp Half-Blood cabins

Map of the Underworld

Watch out for monsters!

Map of Camp Jupiter

Explore Camp Jupiter

Map of Camp Half-Blood

Explore Camp Half-Blood