Meet the Kane Family


Twelve-year-old Sadie Kane was separated from her brother after their mother’s death. Following a huge court battle, Sadie’s maternal grandparents won custody of her from her father Julius, so while Carter and Julius traveled the world, Sadie was raised as a British schoolgirl in London. Sadie tends to speak her mind, even if it gets her in trouble. She has little interest in schoolwork or Egyptian history, but she soon finds out that Egyptian history has an interest in her. Will she manage to defeat the gods of Egypt, or will she and her brother strangle each other first? The jury is still out on that question.


Fourteen-year-old Carter Kane is the son of Julius and Ruby. After his mother’s death, Carter traveled the world with his father, so he has not known a permanent home in years, nor has he ever been in a regular school. His father has home schooled him, so Carter knows a lot about Egypt, but has never experienced the joys of cafeteria food or dressing out for P.E. Poor kid! Carter doesn’t consider himself brave, but he will soon need a lot of bravery. The sword he wields is known as a khopesh, and was used by the pharaoh’s personal guard. Whether or not Carter can use it in combat, we’ll soon see…


Dr. Julius Kane is one of the preeminent Egyptologists of modern times, specializing in Egyptian magic. He has written numerous books, and travels the world doing research and giving lectures. However, Julius Kane has a secret. It may be that he is able to read those ancient Egyptian spell books because Julius Kane has firsthand experience with magic. Unfortunately, Dr. Julius Kane has a number of enemies – some magicians, some not even human.


Carter and Sadie’s mother Ruby was a British anthropologist who specialized in ancient DNA. She died in a mysterious accident when the children were very young, but their father has never told them the truth about why or how she died. The truth may be worse than Carter or Sadie imagine, but the siblings will have to learn their mother’s secret if they are to stay alive.


Julius’s brother Amos has kept his distance from Carter and Sadie, but not because he wanted to. When a terrible accident occurs, Uncle Amos must step in and help the children, taking them to the family mansion in Brooklyn. It will be up to Amos to explain the truth, and introduce Carter and Sadie to the dangerous magical heritage of the Kane family.

Gran and Gramps:gran-and-gramps

Sadie and Carter’s maternal grandparents live in a simple flat near Canary Wharf in London. They don’t seem very magical. Gramps is a former rugby player and Gran is a quiet woman who makes terrible biscuits. However, their family has a long lineage that stretches back to Egyptian times, and is almost as powerful as the Kane family. Carter and Sadie soon learn that they have inherited power, and trouble, from both of their parents’ families.