Bunker 9

Before we talk about the Argo II, you should know where it was built. Bunker 9 is a mysterious and secretive workshop deep within the Camp Half-Blood Forest. The bunker is over 200 years old, containing many ancient relics.

The Bunker was re-discovered by Leo, thanks to the guidance of the automaton dragon named Festus, who would become an integral part of the Argo II.

Hidden inside the Bunker, Leo not only found his toolbelt, but the blueprints for building the Argo II.

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Welcome to Bunker 9

After gaining access to the bunker and finding the blueprints, Leo got right to work figuring out the requirements for building the Argo II. Can you think of some things he might have needed to build and stock the ship?

Argo II Preparations

Many projects that were built in Bunker 9 took hundreds of years to create. Building a floating ship is no small feat either! Thankfully, Leo had the combined help and knowledge of the Haphaestus Cabin. Everyone worked together to collect the necessary materials and get to work on the ship.

Argo II Interior

As with any construction project, you have to lay the groundwork first! Take a peek at the inside of the Argo II above, and then we'll see the outside of the ship below.

Argo II Exterior

Argo II Exterior