That Emperor Commodus. What a guy! He’s all about fun spectacles and killing his enemies in new and interesting ways. Wanna hang out? Come on over for pizza, demigod slaughter and chill!


One of Apollo’s great loves, Hyacinthus suffered a tragic early death, leaving our favorite poetry god heartbroken. Sure, Apollo turned Hyacinthus into a beautiful purple flower, but it’s just not the same, you know?


Cloud nymph Mellie, the wonderful and courageous wife of Gleeson Hedge, has her hands full keeping the Coach out of trouble and helping to care for their little baby satyr boy Chuck. Fortunately, Millie is very organized and smart, so she’s the right cloud for the job!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera will heal what ails you! Or at least she will try her best. A loving and caring dryad from the Palm Springs Cistern, she takes care of her friends and never turns down an opportunity to provide sticky gooey aloe vera spikes for your nostrils when you have a cold. Hooray!

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear may be a bit, er, prickly on the outside, but inside she has a heart of gold. Or sap. Or whatever cactus dryads have for hearts! Anyway, she’s a great person to have on your side!


The son of King Midas, Lityerses was known as the “Reaper of Men” for his skillful sword work. He has a sharp blade and a bad attitude. Then again, his dad turns him into a gold statue every time he pats Lityerses on the back, which can make someone a little cranky.


Poor Agamethus, the brother of Trophonius, was beheaded in ancient times and now walked around the Waystation communicating via his magic eight ball. For reasons unknown, he glows the exact color of Chee-tohs. Life is hard.


Daughter of Jo and Emmie from The Dark Prophecy, Georgina enjoys prophecies, coloring, making figurines out of pipe cleaners, and trying to ignore the fact that Apollo might be her dad.


One of Apollo’s great loves (if you believe Apollo’s version) or one of his great victims (if you listen to Daphne) this poor young nymph ran away from the god and had to turn into a laurel tree to find peace and quiet. And then Apollo decides to wear laurel wreaths to remember her. Rude!


The lady of nets, Britomartis is a tricky one. She is Artemis’ godly right-hand woman in the Hunters of Artemis.