Series: Tres Navarre

Book 6

Mission Road

San Antonio private investigator Tres Navarre is used to working on the edge—a razor-sharp line between legal and life sentence. But this time he’s stepped straight into no-man’s land. When an old friend appears at his door, spattered with blood and wanted for attempted homicide, Tres doesn’t have to think twice about where his loyalty lies—or the consequences.

Ralph Arguello is a criminal who put the street life behind him when he married SAPD detective Ana DeLeon. Now Ana’s been gunned down and her fellow cops don’t need to look far to find a prime suspect. For Ana recently re-opened the most infamous cold case in SAPD history — the unsolved murder of a mobster’s son on notorious Mission Road eighteen years before, which threw the San Antonio underworld into bloody chaos. And Ana was about to bring charges against the suspected killer: her husband, Ralph Arguello.

Tres is sure that Ralph didn’t do it—and that he didn’t shoot his wife. But with the police and the mafia both out for revenge, there’s no one to turn to for help. Now, armed and dangerous, the targets of a city-wide manhunt, Tres and Ralph have just hours to find out what really happened on Mission Road almost two decades ago. They set a collision course with the past, and a secret which will tears their lives apart.

A Bantam Book 0-553-80185-6 Adult
Rick Riordan is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the Kane Chronicles, the Heroes of Olympus, and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

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  • Engrossing — another satisfying entry in this rule-breaking series. The Washington Post
  • A satisfying exploration of passion’s dark powers — the story moves along at a cracking pace. Booklist
  • The most fully realized of his six Tres Navarre novels to date — Mission Road is well worth the price of admission just for its array of bad cops, good crooks, and swell characters. Throw in Riordan’s clever twist at the end, and you’re getting top value for your entertainment dollar. Texas Monthly
  • Clear your schedule, toss some Los Lobos on the CD player and sit back and enjoy one of the best books of 2005. Crimespree Magazine
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  • Darkly satisfying. Mission Road doles out its surprises sparingly, saving the best one for the final page (no kidding!). Riordan is a triple-crown award winner (the Shamus, the Edgar and the Anthony, the three most prestigious awards in mystery circles), one of only a handful of contemporary authors accorded all three honors. With books like Mission Road to his credit, it is easy to see why. Bookpage, notable title
  • Mission Road captures your attention from the start. There are many twists and turns down that remote stretch of Mission Road, and every time you think you have sight of the destination, you’re suddenly thrown around another curve. I promise you, the ending will surprise you. Sharon A., Saint Joseph, TN ; Reader Reviews from "Bantam Dell Reads, July 2005″
  • Everyone needs a little Texas in his life. Riordan’s PI Tres Navarre fills the bill perfectly. Fast paced, well written, and portrays that part of the world perfectly. Jack Q., Birmingham, AL ; Reader Reviews from "Bantam Dell Reads, July 2005″
  • Rick Riordan’s writing style was a pleasure to read. I truly came to care about the characters. Tres Navarre is both a likable and complicated protagonist and I will definitely be looking forward to reading more stories about him. There was plenty of mystery, villains and quirky characters to keep me entertained. I actually learned some things that I didn’t know about San Antonio and I may be inspired to take a trip there. Thank you for introducing me to a new author. Nancy S., Palos Hills, IL ; Reader Reviews from "Bantam Dell Reads, July 2005″
  • A well-conceived plot with an enigmatic cast of characters! With many twists and turns, this story kept me guessing. Riordan’s poignant writing emphasizes characters who evoke both negative and positive responses. I loved—or disliked—these individuals. Most of all I recognized and identified with them. Mission Road is a moving story. A new fan of Riordan’s, I look forward to reading his other books. Clydia D., Ruston, LA ; Reader Reviews from "Bantam Dell Reads, July 2005″
  • The dialogue is snappy and the scenery very descriptive. Even a non-Texan gets a feel for the South Texas area and its people. This book is one hot tamale! Joy I., Mesa, AZ ; Reader Reviews from "Bantam Dell Reads, July 2005″
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was suspenseful and the story moved at an outstanding pace. At first I thought I would have a difficult time getting into the story because of the change in time and place, but that was not the case. It kept me riveted and I finished the book in record time. You can be sure that I will be reading the other books in this series. Thank you for introducing me to an author who has become my new favorite. Toni M., Dickson City, PA ; Reader Reviews from "Bantam Dell Reads, July 2005″
  • Mission Road draws you into a community, into longtime friendships, and deep into what true friendship really is. A page-turner of the highest caliber, I couldn’t put it down—read it through breaks, lunch hours, in the car and in the tub. You are drawn by the plot and the characters out of your ordinary life and straight down Mission Road. Michelle H., Doniphan, MI ; Reader Reviews from "Bantam Dell Reads, July 2005″
  • Mission Road shows the ultimate sacrifices people make for their friends and loved ones. He also compares the prejudices of race and sex from past to present. Riordan makes you identify with his characters just as if they are your friends or neighbors. He draws the reader into the interior of his characters’ thoughts and feelings. This writer has what it takes to make you root for the underdog and keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat. This is a must-read. Antionette S., Cleveland, TN ; Reader Reviews from "Bantam Dell Reads, July 2005″
  • Rick Riordan offers a dramatic tale of crime and small-town politics. His latest novel more than lives up to his reputation for award-winning mysteries. If this is your first time with this author, be prepared to head out after you have finished to get the rest of his books. He is that good. Sheila G., Tampa, FL ; Reader Reviews from "Bantam Dell Reads, July 2005″