A Quick February Update

Hello, all!

We’re in the midst of another snowstorm here in Boston, which is quite beautiful as long as I don’t have to walk through it or shovel it! We’re used to it here, and it hasn’t been any worse than an average winter, but my heart goes out to everybody in Texas and elsewhere who is dealing with power outages and other crazy weather-related problems. Stay as safe and warm as you can, my friends! This too shall pass — hopefully soon.

TV stuff

I haven’t been posting many updates because I’ve been working away on various projects, and also because there isn’t much new to report on the TV/film front (which I know is what most readers scour these posts for). For PJO TV, we’re just waiting to hear back from the top execs. The script has made it to the uppermost tier of decision-makers, which is great, but now we need to wait to hear what decision they make. When I do know anything else, I will of course post it here. Hopefully Caesar’s thumb will point in the right direction.


Rick Riordan Presents

The Rick Riordan Presents imprint authors continue to amaze me with their brilliance and awesomeness! I am so lucky to get to promote and publish such talented folks. This ad recently ran in Publishers Weekly, summing up where we are so far:

Over two million books in print since 2018? WOW. If you haven’t checked out these books yet, and pre-ordered the upcoming ones, get on over to Read Riordan and do so now!

And in more exciting news, we announced this week that Rick Riordan Presents is branching out from middle grade to young adult titles, with our first offering from the incredible Daniel José Older.

I have been a fan of Daniel’s writing for many years, and I’m thrilled that Ballad & Dagger will be coming your way May 2022! In the meantime, you can read the full story in Publishers Weekly. And if you haven’t read Daniel’s other work, I highly recommend you start with Shadowshaper for young adults, and The Dactyl Hill Squad for middle grade. You will not be disappointed!

My Next Book

If all goes well, this coming Tuesday, Feb. 23, I will be able to share more detailed information about that secret project book I mentioned — the one that is not mythology-based and that is scheduled to come out in October. Stand by for more info! Until then . . .


Rick Riordan