Almost Hammer Time! (Assuming We Can Find the Hammer)

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Next week, October 4, the English language edition of Magnus Chase 2: The Hammer of Thor, is released in both US and UK markets (including Canada, Australia, and anywhere else the English language edition is usually available). I am excited!

That’s the US cover with Magnus front and center, and the UK cover with the big scary helmeted face. Which do you like better? Typically, the answer is: “The one I can’t get in my country is much cooler!” But either way, the story is the same, and I hope you enjoy it.

Where am I going on tour? Here’s the entire rundown. I asked Disney to send me to places that I don’t usually get to visit, so that’ll be fun. We’re starting at my amigo Jeff Kinney’s store in Plainville, MA. They’re doing a much smaller event than I normally do, so I understand it sold out in about thirty seconds. With only three hundred people or so, I’ll even be able to do a signing line and photos. (Gasp! I never get to do that anymore.)  I’m sure we’ll have a great night!

From there we’re off to Birmingham, AL for a signing with Books-A-Million. I have never before been to the Birmingham area, so if you’d like to come, please get tickets! I don’t know when I might be back next.

Next up, an event with the good folks at Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN. It’s been about two years since I was last in Nashville. Can’t wait to come back.

My Iowa City event marks my first-ever appearance in Iowa, and the event has been sold out for months. Looking forward to meeting my fans there!

St. Paul, MN — always a pleasure to visit the Twin Cities. A LOT of readers in that area, and we always have a great time. Thanks to the Red Balloon Bookshop for hosting me.

Then Seattle with Elliott Bay Books. Great city. It’s been . . . wow, four years since I’ve been there? High time to go back.

Then it’s north to the Land Beyond the Gods. Anchorage, Alaska, here I come! I have to get my fix of reindeer sausage breakfast at the Snow City Cafe! (Hopefully I have time.) I have done an event once before in Anchorage, but it’s definitely a rare treat to be up that way. Get your tickets courtesy of Barnes & Noble.

From there, back the Vancouver. The last three or four times, Toronto has been getting all the events in Canada, so it’s time for me to go back west to the Big V — beautiful place!

Then Salt Lake City with King’s English Bookstore. Man, it’s been TOO long since I visited Utah and its legions of wonderful readers. Looking forward.

And then . . . well, back home to Boston to continue writing. Sorry if I’m not coming to your city or area this time around. We can only do about eight stops per tour. We try to spread things around, but of course we can’t go everywhere on every tour. My next tour will be October 2017 for Magnus 3. And as usual, apologies to my international fans. I would love to clone myself and go all over the world, but with my writing schedule and the limits of present-day technology, I cannot.

As for The Hammer of Thor in other languages, I don’t know! Sorry. There are about thirty-five different editions, and I don’t get the low-down on when they are all published. Rest assured though, the publisher in your country is working to get the translation published as fast as possible.

Whether I see you on tour or not, I hope you enjoy Magnus 2. It has some surprises inside, hopefully some good ones you will enjoy! More Samirah, more Hearthstone, more Blitzen, and of course more Valhalla craziness to the death!

Now if I can just find Thor’s hammer so we can start the party . . . Where did I put that thing?


Rick Riordan