You Can Judge an eBook by its Cover

I had to share this, even if it’s a shameless promotion for my mom, Lyn Belisle! She’s been an art teacher and accomplished visual artist for many years, but recently she started a new endeavor that’s just a fantastic idea. She’s making handcrafted art covers for e-readers. You can see some examples above. She makes each one herself in her studio, using collage materials to create different themes. They fit Kindles, Nooks or iPads, depending on your preference, or they can be used as conventional notebooks. I’ve handled them, and they’re quite sturdy as well as beautiful.

Many people have bemoaned the fact that you can’t see what others are reading by looking at the cover if they’re using an e-reader, because all those nondescript black covers look the same. Not anymore! Imagine dressing up your e-reader in a handmade, one-of-a-kind work of art.
I know Bast would like the cat cover, for sure. Several of the other covers have a mythology theme, which I know the Greek gods would approve of. I haven’t decided which cover I’ll get yet, but if you’re interested in jazzing up your e-reader, check out her site! You could even be reading a Rick Riordan e-book with a cover designed and handmade by Rick Riordan’s mom. I don’t mind having my books judged by that cover!

Rick Riordan