Thank you, Connecticut!

Last time I was in Connecticut (one of my favorite places) for the Rabbit Hill Festival in Westport, several librarians told me that The Lightning Thief had made both the intermediate and teen finalist lists for the Nutmeg Book Award, which is sponsored by the Connecticut Library Association and the Connecticut Educational Media Association, and voted upon by the youth of the state. To be on both lists was an unprecedented honor, and the award committees had to change the guidelines for the award because of The Lightning Thief, so that the same title could never again be on both lists. I was naturally very honored (and a little embarrassed) that my book had caused such a fuss. Then Becky was surfing around the Internet this afternoon and came across the stunning news that Lightning Thief won the Nutmeg . . . in both categories. Holy Zeus. You can check out the voting results here. Thanks to the young readers of Connecticut! I’m so glad you enjoyed the adventures of Percy Jackson!

Rick Riordan