Demigods of the Week

More cool surprises from this month’s mailbag! Thanks to Jessica, from East Molin, IL, who drew me a picture of Grover, Annabeth and Percy the way she imagines them. Jessica tells me that she and her brother are now working on a book of their own. Good luck, guys!

Thanks also to Hannah from Landmark School in Manchester, MA, who wrote me a wonderful letter. Hannah is ADHD/dylexic, like Percy Jackson, which means there’s a pretty good chance she’s a demigod. She’s read all the Percy books and tells me she’s really enjoying school, especially tutorial class where she gets one-on-one time. How cool! That’s Hannah on the right with her tutorial teacher Miss Triback on the left. Thanks for writing!

Hannah and Jessica, you are the demigods of the week!

Rick Riordan