Mythomagic, Inc. is a production company founded by Rick and Becky Riordan. Its immediate goal is to facilitate the development of Rick’s intellectual properties into great television and film. To do this, Rick and Becky serve as full producers on projects. Their role is to act as guardians of the source material and work with their film industry partners to make the best possible adaptations.

Below are our current projects. As more information becomes available, we will update you!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series on Disney+

Mythomagic is in the early stages of development on a live-action adaptation of the original Percy Jackson series of books. The first season is based on The Lightning Thief. At present, Rick is working on the script for the pilot episode in collaboration with our team.

The Kane Chronicles feature films on Netflix

Rick and Becky have sold TV/film rights for the Kane Chronicles to Netflix for development as a series of feature films.  Rick and Becky are presently serving as producers for a live-action adaptation of the first book The Red Pyramid. At present, the script is being written by our screen writer, who is based in London.

The artwork above is by Orpheus Collar, based on his work on the Kane and Percy graphic novels. This does not mean the adaptations will be animated (they are not) or that this would be the style of any artwork associated with the adaptations. These are just for fun! 

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