The next Percy Jackson adventure, WRATH OF THE TRIPLE GODDESS, now has cover art, as first revealed by The Hollywood Reporter. The book will be published in North America and in the UK markets on Sept. 24, which means I really have to finish revising it. Yikes! But don’t worry, I’m pretty much on track compared to my usual writing schedule. As for international markets in languages other than English, as usual the pub date depends on how quickly the publishers can get the book translated and into your hands for your country. I don’t have confirmed dates, but I know all of our partners are working to make that happen asap.

This is the second of three ideas I developed for Percy, Annabeth and Grover-based adventures four years ago when we were initially trying to get Disney to support a PJO TV show, and although I didn’t NEED to write these books, once I had the ideas, they sort of developed a life of their own, as ideas sometimes do, and writing them felt like a good way to celebrate the show with my longtime readers. What’s the second book about? Here’s a little summary:

Percy Jackson has saved the world multiple times – battling monsters, Titans, even death himself – so graduating high school should be a piece of cake, right?

Wrong. Percy needs three college recommendation letters from the gods before his final school year comes to an end. And one thing Percy knows, the Greek gods don’t do anything for free.

He earned his first one by retrieving Ganymede’s lost chalice. Now, to secure his second letter, Percy and his friends Annabeth and Grover must agree to a new challenge – pet-sitting for the goddess Hecate while she’s away over Halloween week. They just need to follow her simple rules:

  1. Look after her pet polecat and mastiff like their lives depend on it (because they do).
  2. Don’t touch anything – especially Hecate’s magic potions!

But when Grover’s curiosity gets the better of him, the friends find themselves with a giant goat, a destroyed mansion, and Hecate’s (terrifying and potentially deadly) pets on the loose in New York City.

Now the trio have only days to find the pets and restore the mansion to order – or face the full fury of Hecate and her horrifying three-heads. It’s going to take luck, demigod wiles, and some old and new friends to hunt down the animals and set things right again.

The U.S. edition cover looks like this, with artwork by Victo Ngai:

The U.K. cover looks like this, with artwork by Khadijah Khatib:

I love them both! Both artists are so incredibly talented. Whichever cover you get, I hope you’ll enjoy the story inside!

Rick Riordan