Chaos vs. the Kane Survival Guide

It looks like Apophis is unhappy with having his secrets revealed in the Kane Chronicles Survival Guide, because he’s causing some chaos. My publisher Disney has received reports that some copies of the book have been shipped out with bad adhesive on the front cover which isn’t strong enough to hold the lenticular panel (the cool holographic 3D part).

I haven’t seen this myself, but if you’ve been affected, my sincere apologies! The production team is working on a solution right now and will be shipping out replacement copies to the booksellers as soon as the books are printed and inspected to be sure the problem is fixed. I’m told this will start happening in the next few weeks. As I get more information I will let you know, and the booksellers where you purchased the Survival Guide should have replacements available as soon as they are shipped out from Disney. Sorry again and thanks for your patience!

Rick Riordan