Artwork from the Tour

Whenever I go on tour, I get hundreds of cool drawings, letters and mementos from the kids. Above is just a small sampling from the Son of Neptune tour.

First up, Allison presented me with her logo for the Olympian Council of Demigods, a club she’s made with her friends. Allison tells me she is a daughter of Apollo, and her friend Hannah is a daughter of Athena. Thanks, guys!

Katelyn gave me her picture of Annabeth, and says her favorite book is The Lightning Thief. Her sister Megan came with her to my signing. Megan’s favorite book is The Lost Hero.

Sophie shared an invitation to her 11th birthday party, which was an “Olympian Discobolus Dance Party.” She even gave me a CD with the soundtrack! Hope you had a super birthday, Sophie.

Jamie gave me her sketch of Piper McLean. She says that she and her friends are totally obsessed. Glad you’re enjoying the series!

The cute lil’ Grover is courtesy of Valerie K., who writes on the back: “Note 2 Self: Omegoat.”

Lily D. shared the full-color anime-style drawing of Percy and the gang. Wow, that must’ve taken some time to make!

Mary shares the picture of Percy — I think it’s Mary. A little hard to read. Sorry if I got it wrong! Great picture, though.

And finally, brothers Nicholas and Luke share their sketches from the Kane Chronicles. Thanks, guys!

I really enjoyed meeting everyone during the tour, and appreciate all the cool art!

Rick Riordan