Snow Day in Long Island

I’m sitting in the Hyatt Regency Long Island looking out at an unbelievable winter scene. The weatherman predicted 1-2 inches of snow, but it looks like way more to my untrained Texan eyes.

I arrived last night before it started and got to my morning visit at Setauket School without a hitch. The presentations were great, but the snow really started picking up and the district canceled classes halfway through the day, so I couldn’t do my afternoon sessions at Arrowhead School. The organizer at Arrowhead said the kids were very disappointed. “I’ve never heard them complain when we sent them home early for snow before,” she said. “But they really wanted to see you.” That’s quite a compliment! Fortunately I’ll be able to see them tomorrow instead, assuming the roads are clear and school isn’t canceled. Funny, in four years of traveling, this is only the second time I’ve had an event rescheduled because of weather. I guess old Zeus has been keeping the skies under control for me or something.

For now, I’m staying warm in the hotel and working on my next book. The scene I’m writing is actually set in New York during the winter, so the atmosphere is perfect. Boy, I bet the satyrs at Camp Half-Blood are freezing their furry tails off in this weather!

Rick Riordan