Off to England!

I leave in the morning for my UK tour, promoting World Book Day and the British release of The Sword of Hades.

It will be hard leaving our gorgeous Texas weather. It was 90F yesterday, which is hot even for us this time of year, but today it’s cooler and sunny — perfect for Patrick’s birthday! He turns eleven today and we’re having a get-together/picnic in the back yard.

Tomorrow, I’m off before dawn to make the long trip to London. I don’t have any public appearances scheduled next week, but I will be visiting quite a few schools across England. I’ll blog from the road and keep you posted.

In other news, 39 Clues 3: The Sword Thief comes out Tuesday, March 3. I’m looking forward to that. I just finished reading Savvy by Ingrid Law. Lots of fun. If Gabriel Marquez and Eudora Welty had a child, and that child grew up to write a children’s book, it might sound like Savvy. I also finished and enjoyed Lee Child’s most recent Jack Reacher novel Nothing to Lose, an adult thriller. Next on my list: I started listening to the audio version of The Graveyard Book way back in early December when I did a road trip up to Killeen, but I stopped about halfway through — not because I didn’t like it, just because I don’t normally listen to audio books unless I’m driving, and I haven’t done any driving trips since. At any rate, I’m bringing it along on my iPod for the trip to England and will hopefully get to hear the rest. Neil Gaiman does a good job narrating his own story.

Remember, if you haven’t signed on to Twitter, I am posting tidbits about The Last Olympian once a week until the book comes out. Follow the tweets and see if you can guess what’s in store for Percy and the gang! Have a good weekend, everyone!

Rick Riordan