From the Mailbag

This weekend I’m making my way through the fan mail. It’s such fun hearing from kids all across the world. The only sad thing is that the volume of mail has increased to the point where it’s no longer possible for me to respond personally to every letter — unless I stopped writing books to answer mail full time, and I don’t think the kids who are writing me would like that. Still, I’m reading every letter and responding as much as possible.

Some of my recent favorites: Vicky writes from Goleta, California, and sends her sketches of Percy and friends from Battle of the Labyrinth (see above). Brian and Anna wrote from Turlock, California. Brian wrote the letter and Anna did the picture of Kampe you see above. Hannah and Clara wrote from St. Peters, Missouri with a top ten list of things NOT to do at Camp Half-Blood. Among these: Do not dress up as a giant spider and try to give Annabeth a hug, and do not sell the Council of Cloven Elders to a petting zoo. I love it.

Madison from Thunder Bay, Ontario sent a Percy Jackson theme song to the tune of “All Summer Long.” Class 5GB from Newport Primary in Middlesbrough, England, read The Maze of Bones and started a class bulletin board to track the characters and the 39 clues. You can see a photo of it above.

Jerome Spiteri from Malta was kind enough to send me a copy of his novel, The Haunted Mansion. I visited Jerome’s school several years ago when I toured Malta, and Jerome was inspired to become an author. He wrote his story, illustrated it, and got it published. Now I have a signed copy of his book! Keep it up, Jerome. Way to go!

Most exotic location awards go to Mukund from Singapore, Oliver from Nova Scotia, and Mykin from West Fargo, North Dakota. I don’t believe I’ve gotten mail from any of those places before.

Most interest location name: Floyds Knob, Indiana, from which I got several letters. I’m sure there’s an interesting history to that name.

Most interesting fan name: Stone, whose last name is Mountain. Dad is Cliff, and his sisters are Sierra and Crystal. The letter is signed ‘Stone and the Mountain Family.’ That would make a cool name for a bluegrass band!

Thanks to everyone who has been writing, and again, if you don’t get a personal response, please forgive the overworked author, but know that I always read every letter!

Rick Riordan