Demigod of the Week

Thanks to several fans who alerted me to an interesting flurry of comments on Evan Smith’s blog, which featured our recent video interview for Texas Monthly Talks.

14-year-old Kay begins the conversation with this observation:

“Ok, really. I love the Percy Jackson Series! Guess what I’m 14 and a girl. I’m so tired of people referring to these books as for pre-teen boys. Please stop! All my friends (Who also happen to be girls) love it as well. It’s great for all genders and ages!”

Several other girl readers chimed in, agreeing with Kay.

Thanks for the comment, Kay! While I’m proud to have my books being recommended for boys, I have to say that fully half of the fan mail I receive comes from girls. In fact, the first time an interviewer asked if I’d written my series for girls or boys, I wasn’t sure how to respond. It had never occurred to me. As a teacher, I always taught in a co-ed environment, and I couldn’t conceive of fashioning a story that only appealed to one gender. It’s true, I’m a guy, and I have two sons, so I tend to like stories that appeal to guys. But I hope my books never get labeled as “guys only” because that’s just not the case.

For speaking up on behalf of all the girl Percy Jackson fans out there, Kay is our demigod of the week. Annabeth would be proud of you!

Rick Riordan