Percy Jackson Mythology Bee

Calling all teachers and librarians: Exciting news just announced! Disney-Hyperion will be sponsoring a Percy Jackson mythology bee this fall. Any school with students ages 10-15 can participate. Each school holds a bee (as I understand it, this can be done school-wide or with a single grade or classroom), using an activity booklet provided by the publisher. One winner from each school will be entered into a national sweepstakes. The grand prize for the winner of the sweepstakes: A trip for four to Greece where you will meet me and my family! Together, we will get to explore the islands where Greek mythology began. One first prize winner will receive a trip to Camp Half-Blood in Austin, Texas for four! This is going to be very cool.

For more details, visit the publisher’s Percy Jackson site where you can order a free mythology bee packet with full rules and regulations. Please note: you can’t enter the mythology bee as an individual. You have to get your school or library to sponsor a bee event! The bee is designed to be very quick and easy to run, however. Everything is spelled out in the packet, and it can be done in a single classroom period. Not only that, but the questions were designed by the real Mr. Brunner, middle school Latin teacher extraordinaire, who was the inspiration for Mr. Brunner (a.k.a. Chiron) in The Lightning Thief!

Good luck, everybody. Maybe I’ll see you in Greece next summer!

Rick Riordan