A Shout-out to Utah

Late-breaking news: I’ve been invited to do a public signing in Utah while I’m there for a school visit. I’ll be at Barnes & Noble, 330 East 1300 South, Orem, UT on Monday, February 4 at 7 PM. The festivities will start at 6 PM with Greek mythology fun. I’ll do a sneak-peak reading from Battle of the Labyrinth at 7 PM, followed by quiz game craziness, T-shirt giveways, audience Q&A, and of course a book signing. For more information, you can contact the store at (801)-224-3526.

I get quite a few emails from kids in Utah asking if I’m ever going to come to their state. This is my first time, and I’m excited! I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to come back, so if you’re anywhere close to Orem, please drop by and say hi!

Rick Riordan