Demigod of the Week, Decatur Book Festival

I’m blogging from the Decatur Book Festival, where I had a great day. This morning about 500 kids from the local schools walked to the festival grounds for an author field trip with me. We had a lively, enthusiastic session and the kids were super. Thanks to Diane and the whole staff at Little Shop of Stories for organizing the event! This evening I got to meet with about 30 of the campers from last summer’s Camp Half-Blood at the store, and what an amazing group! They sure knew their Greek mythology. Diane tells me the store will be hosting a camp again next summer thanks to the enthusiastic response.
One of the young campers I got to meet was Jenna, who brought the pictures above from her recent trip to New York. That’s her asking the security guards at the Empire State Building for directions to the 600th floor (which of course leads to Mount Olympus). You can see the security guard’s reaction in the top picture. Thanks, Jenna! You’re our demigod of the week!

Rick Riordan