Any News about the Third Percy Jackson Book?

Man, I wish I could write these books as fast as the kids can read them! I’ve had so many great emails from young readers, telling me they finished Sea of Monsters in a few days, or in some cases a few hours! They are all ready for book three, which is understandable, since Sea of Monsters has quite a cliffhanger at the end . . .

All I can tell you at this point: I have finished the first draft of the third Percy Jackson book and am going through my revisions. The book is about the goddess Artemis, who goes missing and is believed to be kidnapped. Percy and his friends must find out what happened. Who is powerful enough to kidnap a goddess? They must find Artemis before the winter solstice, when her influence on the Olympian Council could swing an important vote on the war with the titans. Not only that, but Percy must solve the mystery of a rare monster Artemis was hunting when she disappeared — a monster rumored to be so powerful it could destroy Olympus forever. All your old friends will be back: Annabeth, Grover, Tyson, etc. And of course, Thalia, daughter of Zeus, will be a major character in this book. How will she get along with Percy? Stay tuned to find out!

I don’t have a definite title yet. The trick is finding a title that doesn’t have ‘Artemis’ in it, since the publishers are keen not to cause confusion with the Artemis Fowl series. If you have suggestions for titles, send them along!

When will the book be published? An exact date has not yet been set, but my best guess is spring 2007 for the U.S. release. When I get more information, I will post it on the website.

Rick Riordan