Fun at the Boerne Library

Thanks to everyone who came out for my recent event at the Boerne Public Library. We had a huge crowd and a lot of excitement during the game portion, as you can see below.

How to Throw a Percy Party!

Many booksellers have expressed an interest in holding an in-store party to mark the publication of The Titan’s Curse on May 1. Because of this, I’ve designed an event kit with loads of games, Greek mythology activities, flyers, and easy ideas to make a super Percy party. If you are a bookseller or a librarian…

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Demigod of the Week

Thanks to Annalisa from Malaysia, who sent in this artwork: A portrait of Percy Jackson the way she thinks he might look.

Update on Camp Half-Blood, Austin Branch

For those of you interested in attending Camp Half-Blood in Austin next summer (and I’ve gotten a huge number of emails asking about this!) the dates and location have been set. You can find more information on the camp’s website:

New Contest for Unpublished Writers

Interesting article in the news today. When I read about the $85 entry fee, I shared the feelings of the quoted lawyer. The contest sounded “terribly suspicious.” I wonder how many manuscripts the Sobol committee will receive. I suppose the award could be a good thing if you are the one author they choose out…

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Garden of the Gods

Here are a couple of pictures from our Colorado adventure. We searched the Garden of the Gods, hoping to find Pan, but no luck. The kids checked out the steam shovel at the Mining Museum in Colorado Springs. “You are not my mother! You are a snort!” Anybody remember that line?

Why Write Novels?

I was privileged to give the keynote address at the annual Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference in Denver, Colorado, this weekend. My subject: Why write novels?For those who might be interested, a transcript of my speech is below. Keynote Address: Why Write Novels? As you may have heard, I recently made the change from teaching…

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An Anonymous Author Speaks

As I was preparing to fly to Denver to speak at a writers’ conference, I came across an article Becky had printed for me last year about the trials and tribulations of one anonymous midlist author. I’d forgotten how painful this was to read, but I think everyone who has aspirations of being an author…

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The Doctor, TV, and Me

I did something very uncharacteristic this week. I watched television. I am woefully uniformed about pop culture as far as TV and movies go. If it’s been on television in the last ten years (unless it’s a kids’ show my sons watch) I guarantee you I haven’t seen it. It’s not that I object to…

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The Lightning Thief in the Sunday Comics

Thanks to the Unshelved Book Club at Overdue Media for the hilarious book talk comic featuring The Lightning Thief. To check it out, go to: and look at the comic for Sunday, September 3. Thanks also to Robin Wood at the San Marcos Public Library for bringing it to my attention. I don’t know…

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