The Cursed Carnival – Come one, come all!

A very happy Saturday to all! Today, we will be gathering the Rick Riordan Presents family under the big tent to celebrate the imminent release of The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities! If you aren’t able to join us online, I hope you’ll still order a copy of this fabulous story collection!

Supply Chain Woes, an Update

As I mentioned last week, the publishing industry has been hit hard by COVID-related shutdowns at printing facilities that prepare our books. As a result, you may well have trouble finding copies of physical books, and even pre-orders may be late. Also, though I signed thousands and thousands of tip-in sheets back in June, those books still have not been printed, so we can’t promise you will receive a signed copy. If you ordered one from one of our event bookstores, you might want to check in with them, and if you wish to wait until signed copies are available, rather than receiving an unsigned one, talk to them about what might be possible. Each store is different, but we are all facing these supply chain issues which are beyond our control, so please be patient and kind! I apologize for the delays, and I know how frustrating they are.

The tour is close for Daughter of the Deep! Keep your eyes peeled on social media over the next week, as our media coordinator Ashlee Latimer has been collecting questions from fans via Instagram, and I have recorded my answers to some of the best! As you may know, I personally have been off social media for over a year now, but Ashlee will be sharing my video answers as we get closer to the release date for Daughter of the Deep. And again, physical copies will likely be slow getting to you, so please be patient!

One last time, here are the tour dates if you’d like to join us. This will be your next opportunity to hear the news on upcoming books and the TV/film adaptations!

What I’ve Been Reading

Finally, if you’re curious about what I’ve been reading, or you are just looking for recommendations for new books, you can head over to my GoodReads page! Sometimes I am a bit slow posting, but I try to put up a review whenever I finish a new great book. For instance, the wonderful Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir!

The Glass Hotel, a hauntingly beautiful story from Emily St. John Mandel.

And the mind-blowing world of Blackfish City by Sam Miller.

I wish all of you great reading, and hope to see you on the tour for Daughter of the Deep!

Rick Riordan