UK Cover Art for Daughter of Deep Revealed!

Friends, readers,

Let us take a moment to admire the artwork of Khadijah Khatib, the fantastic talent behind Puffin’s UK edition of Daughter of the Deep. It is impossible for me to choose between this amazing cover and the U.S. version, done by Lavanya Naidu. Both are superb!

Here is the full layout of the book jacket, with the illustrated back and side-flaps revealed:

Socrates! My favorite dolphin! You will meet him when the book is published in October, and I know you will love him, too.

Here, also, is that magnificent character art from the book flaps. May I introduce Gemini Twain, freshman prefect of House Shark, expert marksman and student of naval warfare.

And of course, our hero Ana Dakkar, freshman prefect for House Dolphin, codebreaker, linguist, diver extraordinaire, and soon to have the most difficult, dangerous mission in the world . . .

Are you blown away? I certainly am. A huge thank you to Khadijah, and if you would like to follow her on social media, you can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @khudeejuh!

To preorder the U.K. edition or find out more about it, visit Puffin’s website here.

For info on the U.S. edition and the October virtual tour, visit here.

Rick Riordan