Demigods and Magicians!

On April 5, you’ll be able to get Demigods & Magicians, with all three Kane Chronicles/Percy Jackson stories collected in a physical book for the first time, plus a never-before-published sneak peek at The Hidden Oracle.

Just to be clear, the three crossovers are NOT new stories. They were previously released as separate ebook shorts, but many of you really wanted them bound together as a single book, so here you go.

The contents are:

The Son of Sobek, featuring Percy and Carter
The Staff of Serapis, featuring Annabeth and Sadie
The Crown of Ptolemy, featuring all four of our heroes

And, as promised, a new excerpt from The Hidden Oracle, first book in the series Trials of Apollo. The Hidden Oracle comes out May 3.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Rick Riordan