An Afternoon at Disney HQ

I took a quick trip to the Disney Publishing offices in New York today and got a look at some exciting stuff.

Ever wondered what a publishing office looks like? Here is Disney’s:

 Cubicles? Computers? Fluorescent lights? I know, exciting! But don’t be fooled: this is where the magic happens, where books are edited, covers are created, and stories are made ready for sharing with readers.

Here’s my editor Stephanie Lurie in her office, otherwise known as Riordan Books HQ. Stephanie usually does not have to poke me with that pitchfork unless I am behind on my deadlines.

I got to have lunch with the Disney team and hear about all the cool stuff planned for Trials of Apollo. I got to see all the different editions of The Hidden Oracle:

Each one is designed for a different account with a different exclusive item inside. I was just excited to see it as an actual book for the first time! These copies have now been put back in the super-secure vault for safekeeping until publication day May 3.

Here’s one of the awesome special items, a bumper sticker inside the Books-a-Million edition:

And I signed about a gajillion of these posters that will be used as prizes at some events for Barnes & Noble when the new book comes out:

Also I found out that the Percy Jackson series is now available in a hardcover box set with the new John Rocco covers (from the poster design above) for the very first time!

I can’t wait to share The Hidden Oracle with you on May 3. As I mentioned earlier, I won’t be doing a tour for this book — just a single hometown event in Boston on May 3 so I can concentrate on writing the next book: Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor, which will be out in October.

I hope you guys like The Trials of Apollo when it comes out!

Rick Riordan