The Sword of Summer Exclusive Editions

The Sword of Summer will be published on October 6! Each year, different booksellers offer editions of my newest book with exclusive goodies just for their customers. Here’s a look at what you get from various outlets. Which one will you buy? Or, heck, you can buy more than one. I will not judge . . .

If you buy your copy at your participating local independent bookstore, you’ll get a Magnus Chase luggage tag, which is really important if you don’t want your bags getting lost when you register at the Hotel Valhalla. (Check w/your local Indie for details.)

Buying your copy at Target in the US or Indigo in Canada? You’ll get this poster of the Nine Worlds from Norse mythology. Don’t leave Midgard without it!

Are you a Barnes & Noble customer? You’ll score a bonus Gallery of Gods brochure, featuring some of the major players in the Norse pantheon. Always good to know your gods before you run into them on the street. You don’t want to call Loki “Frey” by mistake, for instance. He doesn’t like that.

If you pick up a copy at CostCo, you’ll get a Sword of Summer bookmark, with magic runes inscribed on the back! (The management is not responsible for any chaos caused by the casting of said runes. Results are not guaranteed.)

And Walmart? You’ll get your very own double-sided door hangar for your room, to let visitors know if you are resting up or out training for Ragnarok. 

These items are made possible by my US publisher Disney-Hyperion, which is why they are only available in the North American market. Wherever you get your copy of Sword of Summer, however, the story will be the same, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Rick Riordan