The Lightning Thief 10th Anniversary Edition

I can’t believe it’s been ten years since The Lightning Thief was first published! In celebration, Barnes & Noble is offering a special exclusive hardcover edition of the book. I just got my copy, and here’s a little tour of what’s inside:

The cover features John Rocco’s new series artwork and a title bar in shiny silver. Artemis approves of this color choice.

The endpapers of the book, front and back, feature all the different international cover art for The Lightning Thief, including some I’d never seen before!

You get two maps inside — one of Camp Half-Blood, one of the Underworld.

The book is filled with words! Really cool words! Also, at the end are a bunch of exclusive behind-the-scenes tidbits from my personal archives, including my original outline for the book and a cover letter I used when I submitted the manuscript to agents for publication. (Using a pseudonym.)

John Rocco tells how he illustrated The Lightning Thief cover, which is a fascinating story in itself! You’ll get to see an early black and white version of the cover art (on the following page) which I myself had never seen before!

All this and more in the 10th anniversary Lightning Thief, available only from Barnes & Noble. And thank you to my readers for ten wonderful years of sharing stories with you. It’s been a blast, and I’m not done yet!

Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes arrives August 18. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Book One: The Sword of Summer arrives in October!

Rick Riordan