Exclusive Editions of the House of Hades

It’s almost time for The House of Hades, and I’m excited! Depending on where you buy your House of Hades copy, you may find a surprise inside. Each year, Disney works with some of their big accounts to produce exclusive art items for each seller. For instance . . .

If you buy a copy at Sam’s Club or Walmart:

You will get the Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter bumper stickers pictured below. Choose your favorite camp or decorate your car bumper with both!

If you buy a copy at Target:

You will get the door hanger pictured below, which you can hang on your bedroom door to let people know whether they can come in or not. One side says “Welcome to Mount Olympus.” The other side says, “Do Not Enter or All Hades Will Break Loose!”

If you buy a copy at Barnes & Noble:

You will get a full-color map of Tartarus, available nowhere else. I can’t show you the whole thing, because it contains spoilers about The House of Hades, but below is what the top portion of the map looks like:

Wherever you buy the book, I hope you enjoy it!

Rick Riordan