Graduation, The Next Generation

A little Riordan family fun for you: Yesterday, our older son Haley graduated from high school, which was quite a milestone. As you may know, Haley was the reason I wrote the Percy Jackson books, since they began as bedtime stories for him when he was in first grade and was struggling with reading. Now he’s doing great, and in fact just finished editing the manuscript for his first novel!

Graduation day made me think of my own high school graduation, back in 1982. One of the funniest things that happened was the cake my grandmother inscribed in icing for me. She accidentally misspelled ‘graduate’ as ‘gradute’ and we all had a good laugh over that. I may have mentioned dyslexia runs in the family . . .

The picture below is of me and my mom after my graduation in 1982 with the cake:

Fast forward to this weekend, my mom continued the tradition and got Haley a cake with graduate intentionally misspelled. Here they are:

Us Riordans, we r lern stuff real good.

Rick Riordan