A Visit with Some Mythological Friends

We got to take a quick trip to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston today, and I got to visit some old friends!

Nekhbet was looking very flashy on this pendant, which once adorned the chest of a mummy.

This bracelet from Byzantium features the face of Medusa. Why you’d want to wear Medusa to a dinner party, I’m not sure.

Chicken on a stick! No, actually an eagle in the American art section, but a good reminder than the early America republic modeled itself very consciously after Rome.

A replica of the shield Aegis, done in plaster, from the 1800s. Lookin’ creepy, Medusa!

This massive statue of Juno was getting a nose job while we were there. The face is front is a replica. The statue in the back was about twenty feet tall.

I knew John Singer Sargent was a famous artist, but I didn’t know he was into mythology. These are some sketches he did for large murals. The top one is Achilles with Chiron. The bottom one is Atlas, surrounded by his daughters the Hesperides.

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