New Art for the Hall of Rocco

In our house, we have a long hallway lined with framed prints by John Rocco, the fabulous illustrator who has done all my children’s book covers. We call it the Hall of Rocco, and this week, we got some new prints back from the framer to add to our collection. I’m excited!

Below, John’s interior artwork for the special collector’s edition of The Serpent’s Shadow. Unless you scored one of these very limited editions, you’ve probably never seen it:

Becky’s favorite is this black and white interior scene for the collector’s edition of The Son of Neptune, featuring Hannibal the elephant:

And a wonderful scene for the collector’s edition of The Mark of Athena, showing the Argo II surrounded by Stymphalian birds:

How can you see these prints up close and personal? Well, short of visiting our house, you’d have to get a collector’s edition book. There are still a few out there, but they are in short supply! You should also check out John Rocco’s site to see some more of his very cool work.

Finally, a framed print of the artwork John did for the ALA to promote reading, with books trailing in the wake of Festus the dragon. Love it!

If John keeps making this awesome art, we’re gonna need a longer hall!

Rick Riordan