The Equinox Q&A

The autumn equinox happens Sept. 22 here in the Northern Hemisphere, and as magicians and demigods can tell you, that’s an auspicious day! Light and dark are equal. A new season begins. To mark the occasion and celebrate the impending release of The Mark of Athena on Oct. 2, I’ll be holding my second online question & answer session that weekend! (The first happened on the summer solstice.)

Usually, I can’t read or respond to the messages people leave me on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook. I get too easily distracted, there are too many messages, and I know you guys want me to spend my time writing, not checking stuff on the Internet. But the weekend of Sept. 22, I’ll do my best to read and respond to your questions on Twitter, so start thinking about what you’d like to ask.

To prepare, be sure you read my FAQ page. A lot of questions are already covered there, as well as some questions where the answer is simply “no” or “I can’t tell you.” You can also check the transcript for the last Q&A I did in June.

I won’t be giving out any spoilers on The Mark of Athena. That wouldn’t be right. I won’t be able to answer every question, because if the last Q&A is any indication, there will be way too many of them. But I will do my best to get to as many as I can. You can increase your chances of getting an answer by thinking of a cool question that hasn’t been asked already, but don’t start asking them yet! Wait until I announce on Twitter that the Q&A has begun. See you online during the weekend of Sept. 22!

Rick Riordan