God Alert! It’s the Wine Dude!

Our next Mark of Athena character art reveal is our old friend Mr. D . . . or wait, is it Mr. B? Meet Bacchus, the Roman form of Dionysus. He will have a role to play in the new book, and I don’t just mean playing PacMan. But would you trust your life to this god?


Also known as Dionysus in Greek form, Bacchus is the ultimate party god.  Righteous. 
What does HE do? Aside from drinking way too much diet soda?   It depends on his motivation, which is often lacking.  Have you seen the potbelly on this guy?
Noteworthy: He might be a party monster, but don’t count Bacchus out.  He might come in handy for the demigods down the line…

Rick Riordan