The Demigod Diaries are Near!

Only two months left until the Demigod Diaries arrive on August 14!

The book includes four brand new stories from Percy Jackson’s world, including:

  • The Diary of Luke Castellan. This is a prequel to The Lightning Thief, told from Luke’s point of view, in the days when he adventured with Annabeth and Thalia. Several questions that fans have asked over the years will be answered in this story.

  • Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes. An adventure with Percy and Annabeth, set in the days before Percy disappeared. Hermes is missing his staff, and only Percy and Annabeth can help. And what about the snakes George and Martha? Oh no!

  • Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford. A story set at Camp Half-Blood, from Leo’s point of view, with Piper and Jason guest-starring. The trio has only a few hours to stop an explosion that could level Camp Half-Blood. Just another normal day at camp!

  • Son of Magic. My own son Haley’s writing debut, and his take on the world of Percy Jackson, which he inspired. You’ll meet a demigod son of Hecate who fought with Kronos in the Battle of Manhattan, and learn what he’s up to after the war. What would it be like to be an outcast demigod? What sort of powers would a son of Hecate control? You’ll find out!

And here, to give you a taste of what’s to come, is the beginning of Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes. All you Percy/Annabeth fans, waiting for a reunion in The Mark of Athena, this story will hopefully give you something to enjoy until Mark of Athena is published Oct. 2.

Annabeth and I were relaxing on the Great Lawn in Central Park when she ambushed me with a question.

               “You forgot, didn’t you?”

               I went into red alert mode. It’s easy to panic when you’re a new boyfriend. Sure, I’d fought monsters with Annabeth for years. Together we’d faced the wrath of the gods. We’d battled Titans and calmly faced death a dozen times. But now that we were dating, one frown from her and I freaked. What had I done wrong?

More to come on August 14, when the book is published. I hope you all enjoy The Demigod Diaries!

Rick Riordan