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Exclusive first look at the title and cover of the final book in Rick Riordan’s Egyptian series, The Kane Chronicles in Kate Snow’s report.

Behind the best-selling book series Percy Jackson & the Olympians is author Rick Riordan, but the real inspiration for the fictional hero is Riordan’s own son. The books, based on Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology, have sold over 30 million copies – and they began as a simple bedtime story told to his son Haley, who had been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Kate Snow interviews Haley, the son who started it all, the former middle school teacher who is sitting on top of a multi-million dollar empire, and the devoted fans who keep demanding more adventures. Plus an exclusive first look at the title and cover of the final book in Riordan’s Egyptian series, The Kane Chronicles.

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Mitt Romney was born in Michigan, saved the Salt Lake City Olympics and was Governor of Massachusetts. But if you want to explore his real roots – the place where his father George was born and where four dozen Romney relatives still live – you have to travel south of the border … to MEXICO. We did just that. And the story of WHY they ended up there is revealing. Mike Taibbi and crew traveled to Colonia Juarez Mexico to discover Romney’s roots.

Ron Allen reports on a remarkable family from Nashville, TN with a special connection to Haiti. NBC News first met the Wilson family in January 2010 in the wake of Haiti’s devastating earthquake. Mike Wilson had rushed to Haiti to rescue the two orphan girls he and his wife were in the process of adopting. Their paperwork was buried in a pile of rubble, but Mike’s desperate effort to get the girls out was successful. Two years later, they’re continuing to make an impact in Haiti.

As Oscar season approaches, Brian Williams sits down with George Clooney – himself an early favorite for an Academy Award in at least one category – to ask for his predictions.

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