Obrigado, Brasil!

I just got a lovely care package in the mail from my Brazilian publisher Intrinseca. The Lost Hero was recently released there, and to celebrate the occasion the fine folks at Intrinseca made metal coin badges, bookmarks, messages in a bottle, and Portuguese Camp Half-Blood T-shirts. That’s me above, ready to go to Acampamento Meio-Sangue.

It’s great seeing my books become popular in so many countries, but I’d have to say Brazil has some of the most avid Percy Jackson fans. After the U.S., my website gets the most hits from Brazil. Clearly, Intrinseca did a great job translating the books into Portuguese, and Brazilian readers love mythology! I’m very grateful to my fans in Brazil for all their support. Unfortunately, I can’t travel internationally for the next few years because of my insane writing schedule, so I won’t be able to visit Brazil in person anytime soon, but some day I’d love to. Until then, thanks for reading!

Rick Riordan