Children Choices Awards and Throne of Fire

Greetings from New York City, and happy release day for The Throne of Fire!

I arrived in Manhattan last night for the Children’s Choice Book Awards. I had no anticipation of winning, so I prepared no comments, even though my wife Becky had warned me it would be better to arrive prepared. Now she can say, “I told you so!” The Red Pyramid won for best 5th-6th grade book, which was amazing enough. Then I was called up again when I won ‘Author of the Year’ for The Lost Hero. Holy Hera! I really wasn’t expecting that, especially given the incredible authors who were on the nomination list. Thanks to all the young readers who cast votes – over half a million of them! If you’d like to read coverage of the event, check out the article in USA Today.

I had a great time at the reception, catching up with friends and colleagues. It was great to see Jeff Kinney, Suzanne Collins and Jon Scieszka again (Jon made an appearance as noted book author Snooki – which stole the show). I got to meet Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Katherine Patterson and Laurie Halse Anderson for the first time, along with many other amazing authors. The award for Red Pyramid was presented by Walter Dean Myers, whose books I taught many times in my classroom. That was a surreal moment! LeVar Burton (aka Geordi LaForge and the host of Reading Rainbow) wrapped up the evening with his remarks, and was just as gracious and warm in person as he is on the screen. Plus the party had excellent deserts and a wonderful setting overlooking the Hudson River at sunset. Who could ask for more?

Today, the Throne of Fire arrives! I hope you all enjoy it. The first printed review I’ve seen is from Booklist, which declares:

“Riordan combines hard-hitting action scenes, powerful magic, and comic relief with the internal waves of love, jealousy, and self-doubt that make his young heroes so very human. The book concludes with glossaries of Egyptian commands and terms as well as gods and goddesses, but even readers who lose track of the details will enjoy the high-energy story as it races toward a conclusion. Lit by flashes of humor, this fantasy adventure is an engaging addition to the Kane Chronicles series.”

Now I’m off to the Barnes and Noble in Princeton, New Jersey for the first event this evening, then it’s on to South Portland, Maine, tomorrow. For full tour details, check my calendar. I’ll keep you posted from the road!

Rick Riordan