A Blast from the Mad Past

Wow, here’s one from deep in the Riordan family archives. My mom and stepdad unearthed this old Mad Magazine from 1961 with JFK on the cover and a section devoted to Greek & Roman mythology.

In case you’re wondering, I wasn’t born yet in 1961, so this magazine probably belonged to my Uncle Rees. I grew up reading hand-me-down comics from my uncles, including Mad Magazine and a huge collection of Gold and Silver Age DC and Marvel comics, which probably would be worth big money today, but alas, they are long gone to who-knows-where.
At any rate, it’s likely I read this very issue as a kid, and since I was a huge mythology geek even as a youngster, I was no doubt influenced by the Mad comic treatment of Greek mythology. Just goes to show you, mythology has been popular for ages — even as far back as the Dark Ages of 1961!

Rick Riordan