Writing from San Francisco

I’m at the Hotel Monaco in downtown San Francisco today, getting ready for the final stretch of my U.S. tour. We had a fantastic event with Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma last night, filling the Veteran’s Hall to standing room only with a crowd of over 600. It’s always a pleasure to be back in the Bay Area, where Becky and I lived during the 90’s. Our media escort David suggested I could take a nap as we drove to the event, but I didn’t want to miss the view! Good to see the Golden Gate, Marin, and the eucalyptus trees and golden hills of the North Bay. I didn’t even mind the traffic so much.

Tonight I’ll be heading down to San Jose for an off-site event with Hicklebee’s. The event is sold out, but if you need a signed book, there’s probably still time to call and get a pre-order. Tomorrow, hooray, I fly back home to San Antonio and do my final event at my hometown Barnes & Noble La Cantera. They are expected a crowd of 4000-5000 people, but the staff is amazingly good at handling such large numbers. It should go very smoothly, as always.

In other news, The Lost Hero is dominating the bestseller lists. It is #1 in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and IndieBound (the last three lists are for all books, not just children’s books). It’s also #1 in the UK this week. But if the book is #1, that’s only because my readers are #1! I’m so glad you all are enjoying the start of the new series, and thanks for reading.

As I’m traveling, I’m doing the final editing to Kane Chronicles #2. It will be out in May. We’ll most likely announce the title and the cover in January. Stay tuned for more. When I get back home, I’ll start work on Son of Neptune, the second Heroes of Olympus series, which should be out on schedule Oct. 2011. Many of you have asked if there’s anyway it can come out early. Well . . . no. I kind of have to write it first. Details, details.

Hope to see some of you at my last two events, either in San Jose or San Antonio. Happy reading, all!

Rick Riordan