Saint Louis Rocks Again

Greetings from beautiful Saint Louis. I’m writing from the Four Seasons Hotel, looking out my window at the sun rising over the Mississippi. The Arch where Percy Jackson battled the Chimera is just to my right. Is that a falling demigod I see? Oh, no . . . just a pigeon.

Last night I did an event for the Saint Louis County Library, and they certainly know how to throw a party. This event was even bigger than my last one in St. Louis, which was the largest book event in city history. Despite the massive crowd, the signing moved along quickly, and everyone was polite, patient and happy to be there. Thanks to the volunteers and staff, and special thanks to Ridley Pearson for introducing me and helping with the Q&A. Ask any Disney author: Ridley is our favorite person. He’s always got our backs. He even wrote me my own acrostic, which is a first for me!

Some of my favorite questions from the event: Why do you keep beating up St. Louis in your books? Answer: I only destroy places I really respect. My family had a wonderful trip to St. Louis just before I wrote the Lightning Thief, which is why I put it in the book, and the Arch was such an icon I knew I had to blast a hole in it (fictionally speaking, of course). Question: What’s next for 39 Clues? I love that series! Answer: Funny you should ask. Scholastic just announced a follow-up series. I will write one section in the first book, Vespers Rising, which comes out April 5. You can read full details here.

If you’re interested in seeing the craziness from the BookPeople launch party, check out their photo album. Amazing stuff!

Now I’m off to Kansas City, where I understand the event is again sold out. I’ve never been to KC before. Look forward to meeting you guys!

Rick Riordan