Lost Hero Wrap-up

The US tour for The Lost Hero has officially ended! Our last event was at my hometown Barnes & Noble in San Antonio yesterday evening. Over four thousand people showed up, as you can see above. As usual, my friend Caren Creech and the rest of the staff had things well under control and the signing went very smoothly. Thanks to everyone who came to an event and waited so patiently to get books signed. It was wonderful to meet all of you and hear your feedback. There was a lot of excitement about both series, Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus. Don’t worry. I’m working hard on both!
Now I have a week to recuperate and finish some writing before heading to the UK. Most of the events over there will be visits to schools, but there are a few signings open to the public. Check my web calendar for details. Hopefully my hand heals up by then. I was doing okay until day 11 or 12 of the tour, but after signing tens of thousands of books, in the words of John Lennon, “I got blisters on me fingers!”

Rick Riordan