London Calling

Greetings from the Waldorf Hotel in London. It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in England, which means it’s bound to rain soon, but that’s okay! I’m glad to be here and looking forward to my tour. Most of my events are private appearances at schools, not open to the public, but tomorrow (Halloween in the US) I’ll be appearing at the Wessex Book Festival in Winchester. I understand my event is sold out, but if you can’t join us in person I’ll let you know how it goes.

On Tuesday, I’ll be doing a live webcast from Puffin HQ. It’s not too late to join us online wherever you might be in the world:

After a week of media interviews and schools, I’ll be doing two public book signings for Waterstones on Saturday, November 6. I’ll be at their Bluewater West location at noon and Bromley at 3 PM. Feel free to join me in you’re in the area!

On my way over I decided to watch the BBC’s premiere episode of Sherlock, an updated 21st Century take on Holmes and Watson. It’s amazing. I was thinking as I watched, “Wow, this is like Doctor Who meets Sherlock Holmes,” only to find out the screenplay was written by Steven Moffat of Doctor Who fame. Both main actors are fabulous. Benedict Cumberpatch (seriously, is it humanly possible to have a more British-sounding name?) plays Holmes as a mix between David Tennant’s Doctor Who and Hugh Laurie’s Dr. House, which is a good thing.

I’m also doing my final research reading for The Son of Neptune, but of course I can’t say much about that. I’ll have to wait to dive into the writing until I get back to the US, which is why I don’t do as much traveling anymore! Never fear, the book should be ready on time October of 2011. Meanwhile, Kane Chronicles 2 is done and will be out this coming May. We’ll announce the title and cover most likely in January.

I’ll keep you posted during the week as I tour England. Happy reading!

Rick Riordan