The Viper’s Nest

Congratulations to Peter Lerangis, whose new volume in the 39 Clues saga, The Viper’s Nest, comes out today! Ooh, I can’t wait to see what Dan and Amy are up to. Well…I know what they’re up to, because I sketched out the story arc, but I’m always surprised and delighted to see what the other talented authors have done to bring the ideas to life. It’s like opening a birthday present every time one of these books comes out.

And speaking of 39 Clues, kudos to this dedicated librarian from Skokie who made a video of Grace Cahill. Nicely done! I usually do demigods of the week, but I guess I will name her Cahill of the Week. Does the cat Saladin look a bit ill in this video? Too much red snapper, perhaps.
Happy clue hunting!

Rick Riordan