The News from Zeus House

Tired author alert! I’ve been absolutely absorbed in the world of Camp Half-Blood for the past two weeks. I am working long days and long nights to finish revisions on the first volume in the new series, which I hope to have wrapped up and to my editor in about three weeks. The novel (fingers crossed) should be published this fall, because remember the editing process takes a long time. Exact information about the pub date will be made available when we’ve nailed it down. The name of the series, and the title for the first book, will not be announced for a while. I’m pretty sure I know, but I always finish the manuscript before naming it. Well . . . almost always. I already know the title for the second Camp Half-Blood book, strangely enough, which is only in the planning stages. I wish I could tell you why that is, but I can’t yet.

So what can I tell you? Not much yet! I can only say that I’m having a blast with the series, blending the new characters with the old, and injecting a totally new spin into the world of Percy Jackson & the Olympians. I’m smiling a lot, even though I’m tired, and my sons are getting anxious to read the manuscript. As always, they are my first test group!

As I’ve mentioned, the first book in the Kane Chronicles, The Red Pyramid, will be released May 4, and the publisher has some exciting plans in the works. I will tell you more when I can, but I hope you enjoy my modern take on the Ancient Egyptian gods. Carter and Sadie quickly won my heart. They’re just such fun main characters to write about.

Haven’t had much time to read or do anything but write, but I did manage to finish Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I enjoyed the Southern Gothic take on the supernatural love story. The relationship between the two main characters is well developed, and the supporting characters are great. Ridley especially is a scary creation. Yikes!

In the totally random news department, we are still enjoying our new house and its proximity to the creek and the wildlife. A few nights ago I came home and was ready to pull into the driveway, but there was a buck deer in my way. It was huge, with massive antlers. We just stared at each other for a minute. I tried to take a picture, but of course it was too dark. Then the deer calmly walked down the street, heading toward the creek. Too cool. Then this morning, some mallard ducks decided to have a party in our swimming pool. I looked out the back door, and there was a male and female paddling around in the deep end. Becky did manage to get a shot of the female (see above) but the male flew away too fast.

It’s been cold and rainy here in San Antonio, but nothing compared to what the East Coast is enduring. I hope everyone is staying warm and safe! I will probably be pretty quiet on the blog until I can get this manuscript finished, but know that I’m being silent for a good cause. Happy reading, everyone!

Rick Riordan