Percy Jackson Day in Brazil

Judging from the many emails and tweets I get, and the news from my publisher, Percy Jackson is becoming very popular in Brazil. In fact, my Brazilian publisher Intrinseca has named December 21 as Percy Jackson Day! Summer holidays start in Brazil next week (being the southern hemisphere, and all) and the publisher will be hosting a whole day of virtual contests on their blog. You can also follow Intrinseca on Twitter.

December 21 is of course the Solstice, the day Percy was supposed to return the lightning bolt to Mount Olympus, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect.
The Brazilian edition of The Titan’s Curse came out in October, and The Battle of the Labyrinth comes out in January.
Thanks to all the Brazilian readers who have supported the series! I wish I could visit you in person, but alas I have to keep writing the next book. I will be following along virtually, though, to see how the contests go. Enjoy Percy Jackson Day!

Rick Riordan